Reception in П-shape

The small old lobby became through our design in bright, cozy entrance area of the hotel guests. П-shape at the reception, detailed wooden railing, uniting all floors and accent door imported modern spirit.

White room

One of the hotels that are located directly on the beach. Assignment of possible white room with blue accent. 

Ap01 in residential building Albatross

The challenge in this design was that investors want to elaborate three variants design of the same apartment. Option 1 is modern and clean budget.

Bathroom in residential building Albatros

Design of the bathroom in a building Albatross. Modern, clean and with plenty of storage space.

Ap03 in residential building Albatross

A high level of Implementation with Italian furniture for an apartment in a residential building Albatross.

Ap02 in residental building Albatross

Version 2 for an apartment in a residential building Albatros is a classic luxury.