Pâtisserie reception in resort Reina del Mar

The entrance area of resort ​​Reina del Mar, which will welcome its guests in 2019, is a small reception area combined with a sweet pastry shop.

Restaurant in resort Reina del Mar

This restaurant is one of the seven to serve guests in resort Reina Del Mar. The room is divided into areas with different seating, there is also a large corner with buffets and show cooking area.

Laguna villas in resort Reina del Mar

The Laguna villas in Reina del Mar, which we have been developing and working for long ago, are a small paradise!

Accommodation in Reina del Mar

The hotel part of the Reina del Mar complex is a project in which every detail has been thoroughly considered, as early as at the stage architectural design

Inside pool in resort Reina del Mar

The indoor pool, located in resort Reina del Mar - Spa, invites you with minimalist forms, a wave-shaped luminaire specially designed for the space, and the sculpture's intervention for the impressive wall in a relax zone. 

Conceptual design for a room in Hotel Laguna Beach

The assignment to us was for a minimalist and budget design suitable for different types of rooms. Highlights include mirrors in a specific shape and lighting fixtures.