Obzor city
Implementation phase:
in progress

The hotel part of the Reina del Mar complex is a project in which every detail has been thoroughly considered, as early as at the stage architectural design. The rooms are spacious, wide, with earth tones, each with a terrace with direct sea view. The rooms are divided into a bedroom and entrance zone, through a high head-board behind the bed and a decorative slatted structure. The bend coming from the architecture fits perfectly into a huge four-winged wardrobe with built-in clean lines on the handles. The space allowed us to unwind in the banal TV zone in all standard hotel rooms that have been reconstructed so far. Lighting is zoned and solved with custom-made luminaries. The feeling of a floating wave in the carpet was a desire to connect all earth tones of color to the sea view. The bathrooms are clean, spacious and with a very separate shower area.