HVD Reina Del Mar
Implementation phase:
in progress

The main restaurant in the Reina Del Mar complex is located directly next to the main lobby. It is zoned in different corners, and we have centrally located a show cooking area with children's buffets and healthy buffets. We decided to break the elongated shape of the entrance area with bold details around the booths in the shape of infinity and complex detail, which we named "The Eggs". It is a combination of sheet metal, gypsum casting and accent lighting to enhance the effect. The different zones have different accent colours, and the Winter zone is decided entirely in blue. There we decided to have everything in one tone of blue, including the furniture and all the finishes. We also emphasize metal elements here also, soft fabrics, acoustic elements and details with wood and leather. The lighting fixtures and movable furniture, which are set in the project, are once again of leading Italian brands. 

The realization and inauguration of this part of the Reina Del Mar is about to take place in the 2021-2022 season. 

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