Sunny beach
Implementation phase:

The main restaurant of Hotel Bor is focused on the central area with three pendant lighting fixtures combined with a X-shaped soft seating - they combine the central pillars.The concept of the lamps is to mimic the name of the hotel - the pine tree.The restaurant is designed in the gray-beige range, with a green fabric, blue painting and all that is in a great contrast to the rest of the space.For the acoustics of such a large room we use acoustic panels on the ceiling and the soft upholstery of the three large soft central seatings.The outside area of ​​the restaurant  into the hotel's overall façade design and interior courtyard.A dense massive awning is chosen to help use the restaurant in bad weather, but at the same time the furniture in this area is the same as the interior of the restaurant - the same style and maintenance. The bar to the restaurant is located right at the entrance, as the bar area is united with a lobby bar on the lobby - easy staff access to the kitchen and a charging zone at a closed main restaurant. Quality materials - Spanish granite, high quality chipboard and MDF panels, natural stone, Italian paints, and furniture and lighting fixtures are made on individual order and design especially for Hotel Bor.