HVD Hotels
Sunny Beach
Implementation phase:

The entrance area of ​​a hotel is always a challenge - space is decided with clean straight lines in combination with concealed lighting and furniture with more rounded shapes.
Accent in the lobby area is a reception - repetitive element of the front visor. The idea and execution was a complex combination of detail and conceptual design solutions to the entire team on site. The reception is merged with the main surface in order not to assume the attention of guests from the ceiling, overflowing into a wall.

The opposite wall is designed in bold blue with accent lighting fixtures arranged.

At the request of Investor and categorization of the hotel have been resolved shop and currency exchange in the common lobby as slightly hidden behind two the greenhouse.

All lighting and furniture, besides catchy green swivel chairs from Ikea, are custom-made and designed specifically for the hotel Bor.

Lobby area is transitional between the lobby and restaurant - is determined by large zasvetnat ruckvand and shelves at different heights. The mirror on the wall adds depth and spaciousness of the room.

All doors to adjacent rooms of the foyer are designed specially set design - artificial jumped boxes around the doors in order to highlight the exit zone of the lobby.

The doors behind the reception area are "invisible" and specific technology for installation.

All materials used are high-quality chipboard and MDF panels, natural stone, Italian washable paints and fabrics appropriate to the class room. Color solution to the lobby and lobby is comfortable with a slight accent to the blue wall and highlighting the standards