Studios for rent in the town of Kranevo

The investor's job order was to design an apartment hotel with studios to sell and rent.

Facade renovation of BOR hotel

Club Hotel "Bor" was first designed 14 years ago and refurbished several times. In 2014, our team was tasked with the complete reconstruction and modernization, as well as the expansion of the hotel complex.

Library Pencho Slaveykov , Varna

Conceptual design for a new building for  Library Pencho Slaveykov in Varna - competition project. 

Social Services Center in Meden Rudnik

The project features distinct volumes with a central sloping element. The facade plasters have been selected in different colours to get the desired architectural suggestion.

Warehouse for auto parts of Elite car

Warehouse for auto parts in Varna with Expanded Built-up Area of 886 sq. m.

Outdoor restaurant Hotel VIVA Club

The building represents 2 volumes woven into each other. Almost the entire glass facade can be dismantled and the restaurant becomes a sort of a modern shelter for Viva Hotel's outdoor restaurant.