Facade renovation of Nimpha hotel, resort complex Riviera

The reconstruction and modernization of this unique, architecture-wise complex was a creative task to be dreamed of.

Single-Family Residence Manastirski rid

This single-family residential building near Varna is designed as a holiday home for a young family with children, while in distant future it is possible to become a home for permanent residence of the same family. 

Passive single-family building

The desire of both investor and designer was to make a "passive building", which is also aesthetically sophisticated and modern.

Multifunctional building in Vitosha district, Sofia

Our new project represents a multifunctional building situated in Vitosha district, Sofia.

Administrative building in Krystova Vada

The administrative building has been developed on 15 floors with detached spaces for "open space" high-class offices.

Facade renovation of hotel Strandzha

The modernization of the hotel began with the façade layout of the exceptionally green hotel on the second line of "Sunny Beach". The client's wish is to accomplish a cosy, high-tech family hotel.